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Listen Live to Troubadour 1710

You can find us on Shoutcast Radio through your Winamp player.
Search for "Troubadour 1710" or stations playing folk music.

Our audio stream is also available on Tune In.
Visit the Tune In app page and listen to Troubadour 1710 anywhere, even in your car, outside of our tiny AM & FM coverage area.

Note  Cable/DSL Stream (64k)
If you see the Shoutcast page, click the "listen" link to begin the stream.

Listen over any telephone:
On the go with no access to an internet enabled device? Listen to Troubadour 1710 over any phone, anywhere, anytime:
Dial 1-701-719-3033
Phone streaming courtesy of ZenoRadio.

The Troubadour 1710 Daily Program Logs Index
Use this link to identify a song you heard yesterday, last week, or last month. Click on the above link, open the csv file corresponding to the date you heard the selection, then scroll to the correct hour and minute. Each log begins and ends at midnight Eastern U.S. Time. We try to make each day's log available within 24 hours after it is completed and we keep each log on line for at least six months.

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